Document Controls

Establishment and management of project documentation library. A thorough and well-organized project library allows for ease of document retrieval that can support the owner's position should it be necessary for any negotiation or litigation.

  • Set up and maintenance of project document library, keeping all documents relating to a design or construction project available for use during all phases of project, including design, construction, startup, and operation.
  • Assistance in establishment of a digital project tracking and storage systems.
  • Gathering of information about document types from end users and informing IT to assure system will support documentation for grant requirements, regulatory mandates, and store planning and design documents and construction management documents.
  • Assistance with establishment of project filing codes and ensuring they are used properly.
  • Provide quality assurance during system development and during system implementation.
  • Tracking and reporting of document control system issues.
  • Working with project team members to explain system issues and suggest modifications.
  • Entry of project documents into archiving system in accordance with regulatory, project, and/or agency codes, standards, and processes and procedures. 
  • Recording due dates on documents that are time-sensitive and placing reminder notations to client, contractor or consultant as designated.
  • Tracking document configuration. Retrieval of documents.
  • Preparing system reports.
  • Assisting with contract and project closeout functions.
  • Keeping all important documents relating to a construction project available for use during design, construction, startup, and operation of a contract.
  • Preparation of project documents for archiving.