Sound Transit’s Operations and Maintenance Facility-East

Project Description

Sound Transit built the Link Operations and Maintenance Facility-East (OMF-E) in the City of Bellevue to support the region’s growing light rail fleet. When Sound Transit completes extensions to Northgate, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Redmond, Lynnwood, and Federal Way by 2024, the light rail system will more than double in size and the light rail fleet will more than triple from 62 to 214 vehicles.

Sound Transit moved into the new facility and began storing train cars in Bellevue 2020. The vehicles which are maintained on-site in the yard received some on-board systems upgrades in preparation for service and testing of East Link. The 128,000 SF facility, designed to maintain, store, and deploy up to 96 vehicles, is located along a spur track from the light rail mainline between Wilburton and the Spring District/120th Stations.

JTS was selected to provide safety management for the OMF-E. Lynda Tonne-Oveson, CSHS, provided an inspector’s daily report to the resident engineer and Sound Transit construction managers; updated weekly leading indicators workbook; verbally notified staff of any observed safety issues; monitored and documented safety practices of the contractor; reviews and comments on corrective actions for each contractor’s accident/incident report, develops root cause analysis and construction work plans, daily reports, and job hazard analyses. Lynda performed twice monthly site safety surveillance to cross check for specific tasks or activities; documented monthly site safety audits with each contractor to verify conformance of contract required documentation; prepared and submitted combination site safety reports; attended owner meetings, design build project management team weekly and monthly meetings to report and discuss all safety related issues.

Project Details

Sound Transit

KBA, Inc.

JTS Role:
Safety Management

Start: July 2017
End: December 2021
Fee: $969,800
Project Cost: $3.8B

Deborah Ottum, KBA | 425 455 9720

Lynda Tonne-Oveson, CSHS

AWARDED ACEC BRONZE 2022 for Successful Fulfillment of Client/Owner Needs to KBA, Inc.

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