Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station

Project Description

The primary objective of this project is to control two combined sewer overflows, the Brandon Street CSO (DSN 0041) and the South Michigan Street CSO (DSN 039), to one untreated CSO event per year on a 20-year moving average to meet the conditions of the 2013 CSO Consent Decree (CD) agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Department of Justice, and the Washington State Department of Ecology.


Project Details

Jacobs Engineering

King County WTD

JTS Role:
Document Controls


Jimale Technical Services (JTS) provided document control on the Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station project. Responsibilities were to maintain construction project filing systems, ensuring accountability and transparency enough to meet the requirements of a formal audit. JTS maintained an electronic log of all correspondence, submittals, and other project documentation; maintained and managed all hard copy document files; prepared documents for electronic archiving, which included scanning and indexing; prepares agenda, action items log, and open submittal and RFI logs for weekly progress meetings; tracked and monitored request for information (RFI) log, and contractor submittal tracking and monitoring log.

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