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Route 44 Transit Plus Multimodal Corridor Project<br />
Seattle Department of Transportation<br />
Seattle, WA

Project Description

Route 44 is a 10.7-mile east-west trolley bus route in North Seattle that serves the Ballard, Wallingford, and University District neighborhoods, including the University of Washington and University of Washington Medical Center. It provides important connections to several current and future major north-south transit routes. Funded by a combination of local and State funds, the project resulted in the following improvements.

  • Access to transportation: Building or replacing 78 curb ramps, adding new bus bulbs, repairing 3,970 linear feet of sidewalk, repairing or replacing 27 crosswalks, adding pedestrian lighting, and adding 3 pedestrian signals
  • Improved transit reliability and reduce transit travel times: Adding 0.8 miles of lanes dedicated to buses and business access, and updating signals and reorganizing road layouts to improve the flow of traffic
  • Dedicated bus lanes: Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes separate buses from traffic and improve transit travel times and reliability while maintaining access to businesses
  • Signal upgrades or optimization: Transit signal priority extends or activates green lights to reduce waiting times for buses at signals
  • Channelization changes or turn restrictions: Changes to roadway channelization and limiting certain turns allow buses to move faster, avoid conflicts, and improve safety
  • Safety improvements: Improvements to crossings and transit connections to help people arrive at bus stops more easily and safely
  • Sidewalk upgrades: Repaved sidewalks and upgraded ADA-accessible curb ramps in key locations

JTS provided oversight, inspection, monitoring, coordination, and documentation of contractor’s activities in the construction of the project; ensured compliance with project plans and specifications; and facilitated project activities requiring coordination and planning with King County Metro, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle City Light, and other public and private stakeholders.

Project Details

Seattle Department of Transportation

KBA, Inc.

JTS Role:

Start: July 2017
End: December 2021
Fee: $969,800
Project Cost: $3.8B

Deborah Ottum, KBA | 425 455 9720

Lynda Tonne-Oveson, CSHS

AWARDED ACEC BRONZE 2022 for Successful Fulfillment of Client/Owner Needs to KBA, Inc.

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